23-Piece Children's Tool Set with Real Hand Tools

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  • FIRST TOOL KIT FOR KIDS – The WORKPRO kids tool kit makes kids can show their own ability and creativity, and keep brilliant minds, and know their own beautiful imaginations can be realized while enabling to develop an array of abilities and DIY skills. The best gift gives to your son, daughter, and friend of your kids.
  • BEST IDEA – The WORKPRO kids tool kit makes kids can do their own thing while spending wonderful time with their parent or grandparent. Also you can teach your child while encouraging their creativity. Get your child involved in home DIY projects with their own tools – hanging pictures and decorations, built little woodworking gift, even treehouse for Christmas or Halloween days.
  • REAL HAND TOOLS – Drop forged, heat treated steel tools for durability and lightweight. Perfect for children 5 years and up. All the tool set are real tools but small enough to fit the little hands of kids. ( Tools are not toys and should always be used with adult supervision )
  • 23 PCS TOOL SET – 1pc 5-1/4″ Scissors, 1pc 5″ Mini long nose pliers, 1pc 5″ Mini slip joint pliers, 4pc 3/4″ Clamps, 1pc Mini tape 5FT/1.5M*7MM, 1pc 6″ Tri. square ruler, 1pc 10″ ruler, 2pc 8mm D ring, 1pc Apron, 1pc Safety goggles, 4pc Pencils, 1pc Pencil sharpener, 1pc 12″ pink storage bag, 1pc 4oz Claw hammer, 2pc Stubby screwdrivers.
  • GREEN & SAFE MATERIALS – Design of mini set is molded specifically comfortable and safe to little hands for kids and children. Comes in a pink sturdy convenient zip-up bag.

5 reviews for 23-Piece Children’s Tool Set with Real Hand Tools

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    Amanda P

    This is absolutely the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten for my almost 5 year old. He is obsessed with it and insists on wearing his construction outfit and being called “Mark” whenever I call on him to do a job for me. The set is perfect and so far includes most things he needs to help me do projects, but the bag has enough room to add more tools as his skills evolve. Everything is appropriate-sized for a kiddo, but yet these are “real” tools that can actually be put to good use. Haven’t had it long enough to test for long-term durability, but for the price even the fun we’ve had so far with it makes it worthwhile.

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    Judy Nance

    I was really impressed with this tool kit. All of the tools are very sturdy, I think it’s the perfect size for a child aged about 5 or 6 to around 9 or 10. I don’t think the hammer is too heavy, either. The scissors are blunt-edged. There’s even a sharpener for the four carpenter’s pencils. (My husband “stole” two of the pencils while building a woodshed)! An adult could use anything here but the apron, though the tools are smaller. The bag is sturdy with an outside pocket, and there’s a neat child-sized carpenter’s apron, plus sturdy child-sized safety goggles. Maybe the one downside is the lack of compartments for separating everything, as in a tool box – but it’s still worth five stars to me.

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    Flora Dunders

    We have 2 grandsons… 5 and 8 years old… and my husband has a shop… they are ALWAYS wanting to help with projects… so… I purchased a book with project plans/ideas and 2 of these kits for my husbands’ birthday this year… he is going to love it. It’s always a challenge to have the right size tool and then TWO of them at the same time. Having said that… the tools are better than “toys”… but the ruler and square are flat out plastic.. and the only thing that is of any real value is probably the mini hammer… but it will do for practice and experiment. I do like the full size, elastic band safety glasses… there is an apron with pockets, which I used a sharpie on and put the boys’ names on each. The only thing missing were some work gloves which I will be purchasing separately. All items fit nicely in a canvas bag with a zipper closure. Plenty of room for tool additions later. The color and tools are as photographed on the ad page. I never hesitate to update my review should new info seem useful. And I hope this info was helpful to you in some way!

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    James Winslow

    I found this tool set for children while shopping for a for a new tool set for myself. I ordered and had it shipped to my granddaughter and she loves it. She wears the apron and goggles around the house looking for things to fix with the hammer. So far, she has not “fixed” anything too much. My daughter said that the tools were great quality and that she should use them as regular tools around the house. The bag has plenty of room and is sturdy. I expect that which tool set will be around for a while. My granddaughter loves having tools just like Grandpa. I am satisfied with the purchase.

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    Jenny Fields

    I purchased this set for my daughter to put in her Easter basket, and there really hasn’t been a time since that she hasn’t played with it. We are redoing our deck and she feels so proud being able to really help us. This is a real tool set made for smaller hands, my daughter is 6 and they are just right. This is definitely not a plastic toy set you should get for the littles, stick to the plastic stuff for them. Even though she is 6 I supervise use. She loves really being able to nail things in with the hammer, and to measure with the ruler and measuring tape. She especially loves using the tool apron and the goggles, because they “make me look cool.” I personally like the goggles because they really do protect her eyes. There are plastic pieces in this set, but they are hard plastic, definitely not flimsy and my daughter hasn’t broken anything yet. I love this set, because of it’s high quality and because it makes my daughter feel confident and feel like she’s contributing to our household projects. A total win in my book!

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