125-Piece Household Tool Kit

ITEM#: W009068A


  • 125 piece household essential tools kit, great for repairs/chores around home or office, DIY projects and more
  • 3.6V Favorable lithium-ion screwdriver with LED work light
  • With a nylon tool bag for easy transport and storage, bag measures approximately 13 by 8 by 7 inches.
  • A variety of practical tools are selected of high quality. Constructed by carbon steel.Tool handles are ergonomically designed with soft, non-slip grip for comfort and secure hold.
  • All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards.

5 reviews for 125-Piece Household Tool Kit

  1. Avatar

    Jenny Whitaker

    This is a great tool set to have around the house. I love it. It’s been worth every penny spent on it. I have been doing a lot of home repairs and it stands up to the test. It’s durable, and I love the electric screw driver. We had to tear out a section of sheet rock and install new. The screw driver is powerful enough to go through the sheet rock and through the wall studs.

  2. Avatar

    Sean Stevens

    I never have the tools I need when I need to fix something around the house, so I started looking for tool kits and found this one. This set is perfect for small jobs around the home or office, the tools are perfect size and well made. The carrying case is great holds all the tools in place and is small enough to fit in a draw. I love how this set has a level a lot of kits I looked at didn’t have a level or tape measure. A few tools did fall out of there holders during shipping, but nothing was damaged. Price is great for the tools you get I looked at other kits from other sellers that cost more and didn’t have as much. So if you’re like me and can never find the tools you need I highly recommend buying this kit, the perfect size for small repairs around the home or office.

    At the time of this review I have only use the hammer, level, and tape measure.

  3. Avatar

    Joyce Willaims

    I keep this tool kit in my car so I always have access to one no matter where I am. I have used it multiple times, and I love how organized it is and how well it keeps things in their places. My previous car tool kit had a plastic box that eventually literally fell apart when I grabbed it, so I’m hopeful this fabric pouch will last longer without being affected by the heat.

  4. Avatar

    Jason Adkins

    I bought these as graduation gifts this year. The kids who received them will all be on their own for the first time and this little tool selection is perfectly decent for simple jobs (I’m looking at you, IKEA furniture!) and small enough to just slip into a corner or a drawer until something is needed.

  5. Avatar

    Joyce Willaims

    I don’t have too much experience about buying Toolkit before. I was worried about poor quality without buying it in person which waste my money; it turns out working correctly right now. The range is very complete, all the usual household tools are included, and they are also very durable. This design makes it very easy for us to choose the appropriate tool according to different conditions.

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