3-Piece Ball Pein Hammer Set with Hardwood Handle

ITEM#: W001601A


  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Hammer head constructed from 45# forged carbon steel with heat-treated and polished face for strength and durability
  • ANTI VIBRATION WOOD HANDLE: Strong hardwood handle construction for less shock and less weight
  • FIRM STRUCTURE: Each hammer and handle connected with 2 iron joints and 1 wood joint, no more broken handles or loose hammer heads
  • MULTI APPLICATION: Ball peen head is perfect for striking chisels and punches or riveting, quickly shaping and bending metal
  • SET INCLUDES: 1*12oz hammer, 1*16oz hammer and 1*20oz hammer

5 reviews for 3-Piece Ball Pein Hammer Set with Hardwood Handle

  1. Avatar

    Aaron Kingery

    Very nice set of hammers for a very good price. Would buy again. I’m not a professional mechanic, so cannot speak to its comparability such as a Estwing, but for the home mechanic and odd jobs, it is terrific.

  2. Avatar

    Austin Gordon

    It’s a hammer. They’re hard to screw up. Replaced my ones at work that grew legs one day, and I’m not the easiest on them. Hold up well.

  3. Avatar

    Kristen Mulligan

    Worked out to be the perfect size.

  4. Avatar

    Sheila Mulligan

    Great deal! At home depot it costs almost 15-20 dollars for one ball pein hammer! It is practically a steal! My husband loves them! He uses them to make armor.

  5. Avatar

    Scott Bertrand

    I love these hammers. They’re great to use for projects I have around the house and garage.

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