18-inch Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag

ITEM#: W136008A


  • Durable, hard wearing 600 x 600 denier fabric
  • Multiple tool compartments, internal tool loops
  • Handle area reinforced for maximum durability
  • Comfortable, heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Top-open design and large interior compartment allows for easy access to tools and parts

7 reviews for 18-inch Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag

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    Margie Chula

    My guy is a mason by trade. He does Different size jobs. He did not have a bag this size for smaller jobs so I decided to get this. I did not think he’d like it but thought, hey for the price…I’ll try. My guy is one that answers “it’s okay” to almost everything…he’s a man of few words & not much is a big deal to him. When he took this out of the package, I was shocked & so were the kids!! His eyes opened wide, he nodded his head, pulled it a few times in a different directions, and said, “This will work…it’s cool…I need this.” And that was it. That day, he loaded it with tools. I know those aren’t many words but for my guy….they are. He really likes it!

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    George Owlner

    To say this bag is built tough is to say that a bear sleeps in the woods. Super heavy duty. I store heavy tools in mine and I’m not using this bag anywhere near its limits

    Lots of internal slots and pockets, heavy double-seam stitching, heavy-weight nylon fabric, clean lines. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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    Joshua Mallard

    This tool bag is very sturdy. My tools have piled up over time, and this bag has been holding most of them. The material of the bag feels good, and the outside pockets come in handy for storing some of the tools I need to reach for more quickly. The shoulder strap is well padded. The sewing where the shoulder strap connects onto the bag is was done very nicely! I feel confident lugging this tool bag over my shoulders fully loaded.

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    P Kutchie

    I first purchased this bag in a slightly smaller size (WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag with Water Proof Molded Base) and was so impressed with it that when I was shopping for a larger bag to hold my airbrushing supplies, I immediately checked Amazon to see what else this company had to offer.

    The 18-inch bag has the same great qualities that made me so happy with the 16-inch WorkPro bag. Plenty of pockets, durable materials, and useful design. This 18-inch bag is large enough to hold my 1/2 horsepower airbrush compressor, my airbrush set, cleaning supplies and paints – with room to spare. To be fair, I’m fairly new to airbrushing and currently have only the primary colors plus black, white, and thinner. I imagine someday I’ll have to build a rack to store my paints as my collection grows – but I expect that this bag will still have plenty of room to hold the paints I’ll need if I have to travel for a particular project.

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    Garrett Flemming

    This tool bag is great for carrying all my plumbing supplies. The bag is well made with strong zippers, plenty of pockets and opens wide. My other tool box was becoming crowded with plumbing, electrical and other tools, so this tool bag was an inexpensive way to add some organization to my life. The tool bag is light, unless you pile a bunch of tools in, and is easy to carry by either the handles or should strap. The shoulder strap is nice as sometimes the hands get worn out from carrying other items throughout the day. Definitely a good purchase!

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    Tom McGee

    I bought this WorkPro 18-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag for my 16 by 8-inch SKIL 20V, battery operated Compact Reciprocating saw, battery charger, extra blades and 2 batteries.

    They fit easily inside the bag with plenty of room to spare.

    The bag has 6 good sized pouches on the inside and seven more on the outside of the product.
    Each of the pouches is large enough to house my SKIL saw batteries and blades.

    The bottom of the bag is 18-inches long by 9-inches wide by 10-inches deep when unzipped or just over 9-inches deep when zipped.

    The bag has looped handles that can be enclosed by Velcro material. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap.

    The waterproof lined canvas-like material has two rows of stitching around the heavy duty zipper and 4-rubber footing on the bottom of the bag to keep it from sliding.

    This is a great looking durable wide mouth tool bag that fits my needs perfectly.

    I recommend this bag for a variety of uses to family, friends, and others who would like a lightweight professional tool bag that lets you grab and go to your work site.

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    Walter Reynolds

    Very nice tool bag with large capacity, made with heavy-duty material and stitching, versatile and easily shoved into any confined space in truck or car (like behind the fold-down passenger seat in your truck cab). Probably won’t hold up if used as replacement for a metal tool box or subjected to excessive job-site wear and tear, but if you want a well-made canvas tool carry-all, this should fill the bill.

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