16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag with Water Proof Molded Base

ITEM#: W136007A


  • PREMIUM MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION- This tool bag is made from 600D polyester fabric which provides unmatched durability and reliability. The double fabric with fine stitching of the entire tool body makes the bag extremely tough and long-lasting.No need to worry about your tool bag getting damaged or breaking while in use.
  • MULTI-POCKETS AND LARGE INTERIOR SPACE- Our tool bag boasts 8 sturdy pockets inside, 13 exterior pockets and 8 belts for versatile storage of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and accessories. It will keep your gear organized and secure, no more digging through the bag to find that one plier. The bag is designed with large interior space which affords you retrieval of any tool. Size:16” x 11” x 8”
  • WIDE OPEN MOUTH AND TOP DOUBLE-PULL ZIPPER -This tool bag features wide open mouth with an internal metal frame and top double-pull zipper for easy organization and access. Just pull the zipper to open this bag smoothly and put in or take out your tools quickly when needed
  • ABRASION-RESISTANT AND WATER-PROOF BASE – The hard water-proof molded base keeps the the bag clean and dry,protects your tools in the bag from hard falls. No need to worry about your tools getting rust and wet
  • IDEAL FOR DAILY USE- Our tool bag comes with the extra padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap which add extra comfort when carrying of heavy loads and allow for safe and secure transit. It’s ideal and perfect for professional and homeowner

5 reviews for 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag with Water Proof Molded Base

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    Bob Hudson

    My opinion of the bag is that it is quality for the money.
    I have several bags by Dewalt, Milwaukee, and others, and the WorkPro is as good or better than some Dewalts.
    It is made of heavy material, the zippers are decent quality, it has straps,a few pockets, a solid bottom.
    What more can you ask for.
    You don’t away have to pay big bucks to get decent quality in some things.
    I think that you are paying for name recognition in some products.

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    Kate Vickey

    I ordered this when the handle broke on my plastic tool box, and it was a great choice. Love all the different-sized pockets, both inside and out. Tools are accessible and this is much easier to carry than a conventional tool box. Having the shoulder strap option makes a huge difference if you’re not a big, strong guy.

    The fabric is extremely heavy-duty, appears very well-made, and I expect this will last longer than I do.

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    Sarah D

    I bought this for my stylist gear and I love it. I can fit a lot more stuff in there than I planned! The broad, flat plastic bottom is great and allows my products to stand upright. The top pops open with good structure and doesn’t fold in on top of itself so my taller tools and products can stand up straight. I like the handles and the carrying strap and have used all the little pockets on the outside. They’re small, though, so stick with skinny tools; don’t get too excited about fitting a big ole hammer in them or anything.

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    Chuck Tucker

    I got tired of lugging around a 50 pound job bag just for some small repair. This is my new small job bag and it works great. I can throw in a double handful of tools and take this little bag to the job. This bag doesn’t have everything (like my big bag does) but I can toss in whatever I need for the job at hand. I really like this bag and my arm is starting to shrink back to it’s normal size now that I don’t carry the big bag anymore.

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    I recently started working for a setup company and needed tools and a bag to take to work. This bag is more sturdy than I expected. It’s made of a pretty decently thick material that isn’t very prone to tearing or getting holes in it. It can definitely hold a lot of tools. There are multiple inside pockets that line the inside perimeter of the bag that vary in size. There are multiple pockets on the outside of the bag as well as a hook for you to clip your keys or anything you need to have readily and easily accessible.

    The shoulder strap connects by clipping it onto hooks on the ends of the bag. The hooks are not on the same side of the bag so the strap actually crosses over the bag. There is a pad for the strap, but understand that this bag is meant to carry tools and will get heavy so the pad might not seem to do much but it does help some.

    There is a hand strap on each side of this bag and it has a pad on it as well to help alleviate some of the discomfort of carrying a heavy bag.

    My favorite part of this bag is the floor of the bag. It’s made of a really hard plastic instead of being material like the bag. No way a tool is going through the bottom of this bag. And I love how the top of this bag opens. It opens like a Venus fly trap so it’s very easy to see into it and find what you need.

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