16-inch Tool Pink Lady Tool Organizer

ITEM#: W081088A


  • Heavy duty tool bag, with more durable zipper, long-lasting. Wide mouth for easy approaching tools.
  • 14 pockets and 10 belts to help you organize big and small tools or accessories.
  • Four base pad feet on the bottom keeps bag away from splash, provide extra stability, and helps prevent additional wear and tear. Also protect bag and tools inside from hard fall.
  • The extra padded shoulder strap makes it easier to carry. The reinforced handles offer an additional way of toting. 
  • Size dimensions are L: 16 x W: 8 x H: 10 Inches.

5 reviews for 16-inch Tool Pink Lady Tool Organizer

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    Lisa Jennings

    I will update this after a few months of use but right out of the gate, I’m happy. I got this bag after my nice one got a hole in it. Hazards of working in a factory. This fits my scissors, safety glasses, earplugs and has a little sleeve that I use for my employee Id card! There is tons of room inside for me to bring some bottles of water when it gets way too hot on the floor, and I can even put in my slip ons for that magical moment when I can take off my steel-toes! I love this bag and hope it holds up against the bumps, dents and dings that happen during the way. Also looking forward to seeing if it’s easy to clean.

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    Virginia Dupre

    I loooooove this cute pink tool bag! I flip homes and have needed a bag to put all my tools in (they were previously scattered all throughout my car) and this was the perfect solution. The shoulder strap is padded and comfortable for carrying it around. Also since it’s pink it never gets confused with any of my contractors tools haha. Highly recommend!

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    Jeff C

    My wife loves the color and the tool bag as it holds her drill, bits, and a couple of tools. She also loves the usefulness and the weight of the bag.

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    Dawn Recchiti

    Really like this tool bag. Not only is it sturdy, it holds a lot and looks nice.

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    This is amazing. I searched the internet off and on for a few months searching for a bag to carry my airbrush compressor, colors and miscellaneous supplies. From there, I decided that I didn’t want to spend 2-3x more just because a product was marketed towards Makeup Artists. This does more than get the job done. It is heavy duty, it has plenty of compartments to separate my airbrush supplies and it even had room for my essential oil diffuser and oils for long set days. This is small but definitely worth a mention: there’s a slot on the front of the bag where you can slip your business card, very nice touch. I understand this is not a traditional use but hey, why spend more when you don’t have to!

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