ITEM#: W081020A


  • Premium Materials & Construction – Double 500D polyester fabric with fine stitching provides high durability and reliability.
  • Multi-Pockets and Large Interior Space – Large interior space (Size: 12” x 7” x 8”) and 7 exterior pockets are perfect for versatile storage of hand tools and small to medium accessories.
  • Wide Open Mouth and Top Double-Pull Zipper – Wide open mouth with an internal metal frame and top double-pull zipper makes it easy for organization and access.
  • Abrasion-Resistant PAD – Argyle plastic pad protects your tools bag from hard falls and keeps the bag clean and dry in some way.
  • Ideal for Daily Use – Extra padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap which adds extra comfort when carrying heavy loads and allows for safe and secure transit.


  1. Ralph Simpson

    Ralph Simpson

    Bought two of these for my grandson’s. Perfect size and so very well made! Excellent choice for their needs.

  2. Richard Flemming

    Richard Flemming

    LOVE this bag! I didn’t realize how many tools I actually have though & they don’t even fit in here, so now I need a real tool box also. Living by myself & being disabled, I shouldn’t have to fix anything anyway (since I’m renting) but well we know how that goes…not always so great! So it IS a good thing I have whatever I need & after I fix whatever needs to be fixed, then I’m done for the week…out of commission but I didn’t have to wait on anyone or have anyone come in, look at the issue & try to figure out what is wrong, make an attempt that sometimes works just so they have to come back the next day…whatever if I can-I will fix it myself & where whatever I want, not have to worry about having another person in & out of my apartment probably bringing in bugs with them.

  3. Chartrese Willson

    Chartrese Willson

    This is the lil bag that could! I use this to keep all my emergency stuff all in one spot in my van. Big enough for a roll of duct tape, a variety of tools and one of those small battery jumpers. This bag is a keeper with good zippers, strong material and good size.

  4. William Brussels

    William Brussels

    Handy bag for those smaller jobs where you don’t need to take a lot of tools. The bag is more than big enough to fit several screwdrivers, a wrench set, an assortment of screwdriver tips in a small tackle box, as well as several other items with room for more. The outer pockets are quite handy. Made of durable material which seems to hold up to wear and tear well. I highly recommend this handy little bag for anyone needing a bag for those smaller jobs where you don’t need to take the kitchen sink with you.

  5. Jim Hughes

    Jim Hughes

    We bought a few of these to keep as travel necessity kits in each car and in small airplane. Super sturdy, well made, and we love the external storage pockets for cell phones and glasses. The small size fits well under your legs in a car or plane seat, and the wide zipper opening stays open when you want to look inside.

  6. Sheila Reynolds

    Sheila Reynolds

    I am using this for my plein air (outdoor) watercolor tote bag and it’s perfect! It fits my travel paint palette, small water bottle and cup, brushes, pencils, rags, sketchbook, bug spray, sunscreen, and hat, closes with a sturdy zipper but also stays open when I want it to thanks to the encased doctor bag style frame that surrounds the top. It is fairly light weight and easy to carry with the handy shoulder strap or handles.The outer pockets are perfect holders for paintbrushes while I am painting as well as my cellphone in the snap close pocket. Great price for this waterproof bag and much cheaper than tote bags that are marketed specifically as art supply bags

  7. Wanda Rainey

    Wanda Rainey

    Cute, comfortable, love the shoulder strap, couldn’t believe how many of my tools I could fit in this small bag. Super handy if I want to work on a little project: have my basics already in here and put in a few extras for the job (like hooks for putting up pictures), and bring the bag to the part of the house with the job I want to do. I love the darn thing!

  8. Mike Hudson

    Mike Hudson

    I purchased two 12” tool bags to use as bug out bags because they are sturdy and small enough not to slow me down while providing protection for my electronics. I will be buying the largest of the bags for more prepper items. I like that the name “workpro” is stitched into the fabric so I can tell whomever to grab all the “workpro” bags and let’s go.

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