37PC Cordless Drill Driver Set

ITEM#: W004548A


  • 2 Fast Charging Batteries: The kit comes with two 12-volt 2000mAh large capacity Li-ion battery packs and a fast charger which can charge one battery in as little as 1hour. 2 Batteries means all-day operation is completely feasible and you never need to worry about running out of power in the middle of a project as long as you keep the spare charged up.
  • 18+3 Torque Adjustment: WORKPRO 12V drill driver which provides 220 inch pounds of max torque allows you to choose between two speed setting (0 – 400 RPM or 0 – 1,500 RPM) so you can always be sure you have the power you need. In order to avoid incidents where you apply too much power, and then wind up stripping the screw, the clutch has a total of 18 different torque settings and 3 modes (driving, drilling and hammer drill)
  • Easy Carry : Our drill driver weighs in at 2lb 3oz,including the battery, which is pretty lightweight. This means you will be able to use it continuously without your arm getting tired too quickly. And the portable case is easy to carry allowing you to take your tools with you to work, around the house or outdoors.
  • Ergonomic Handle and Led light: Thanks to the anti-slip grip handle which is made of really soft rubber, and the ergonomic shape of it, the drill fits nicely in your hand. Come with LED work light, which will help you in situations when there is not enough light illuminating the work surface like small cabinets and drawers
  • What you get: 1*12V Cordless Drill Driver, 2* 12V Li-ion Batteries, 1* 12V Charger, 10*1” Screwdriver bits, 10*2” Screwdriver bits, 6*Nut Driver, 3* Spade drill bits, 5*drill bits, 1* Carry Case, 2 year warranty

7 reviews for 37PC Cordless Drill Driver Set

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    Chun L

    This set of drill kit is awesome. It came with wooden drill bits, screwdriver bits and crown bolt bits. There are more different size of screwdriver bits than the rest of the other bits. The most important is the cordless drill. The drill comes with the two lithium-ion batteries and a battery charger. The drill has a very high torque. It comes with different adjustable levels of torques for different size of screw and crown bolts. It is a powerful drill. I especially like that it has built in hammer drill mode, which help to save the cost of a hammer drill for just to drill concrete. The drill can be compared with those other brand name cordless drills that cost twice the value. I tested the battery life for constantly use on highly torque and concrete drilling. It lasted pretty long for that battery size. That small battery size keeps the drill light weighted and easy to handle.

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    Super nice drill set! I needed one that was cordless so I could hang up the shelves and I only have one outlet that is being used up, so it being cordless was a must! It was fully charged when I opened the box which is cool because I didn’t have to wait to start on my little project. I really like that it came with everything. I’m not sure I will use it all, but I think it’s a wonderful gift for someone or even yourself if you are handy with the pieces it comes with! Highly recommend!

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    Andrea Whittingham

    I needed an affordable drill. I dont do much work but whenever i needed to screw something I would do it by hand. So i got tired of manual work and decided to do some research and ended up buying this. Let me tell you the reason I chose this one. One it is really cheap. Most drill in this category cost 100$(Only the drill) but this was around 70$. Plus this drill comes with an extra battery and many different attachment. Lastly, it comes in a hardcase that you can carry it around easily.

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    Austin Song

    A very good combo with many drill bits and it’s very useful. Good qualify and easy to use.

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    Jordan Zane

    Needed a drill for DIY project, and this one really came in handy. The drill/driver comes with all the required tools that you would need to finish a small project at home. This is made for small project, this is not powerful enough to change the tire, so if you are thinking of getting something with heavier torque this won’t cut it. But if you need to mount couple shelves or screw some bolts, I would say this will do it. Value for money and light weight

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    Quinton Patsie

    Great set and great value! Some things that I like about this drill set are:
    – 2 batteries included, so power always available
    – battery indicator on the side
    – awesome power with gradual triggered speed.
    – rugged case

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    It has a lot of attachments it also has an extra battery. The beats are great quality. It is a light weight drill. I would say this drill is great for the price. I love the security botton.

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