32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

ITEM#: W000501A


  • Woodcutting saw blade are made entirely of CrV steel construction for cutting coarse/fuel wood with a thickness of 20-175mm, FREE OF NAIL. Pruning saw blade for cutting branch with less than dia.180mm
  • Metal saw blade is made of Bi-material for cutting metal with a thickness of 0.7-8mm, pipes/profiles with dia.5-100mm, effortless, fine out.
  • Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands. Combination set provides a selection of blades for common applications. Ideal for use with metal, plastic, wood, and drywall.
  • Set includes: 2x 4″ thin metal blades 24 TPI, 4x 6″ thick metal blades 14 TPI, 2x 6″ thin metal blades 18 TPI, 2x 6″ thin metal blades 24 TPI; 8x 6″ wood blades 6TPI, 8x 6″ wood blades 8TPI, 3x 9″ wood blades 6TPI, 2x 9″ wood blades 3TPI, 1x 9″ pruner/wet wood saw blade 5TPI
  • Bonus saw blade organizer included for easy carrying

6 reviews for 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

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    J Mill

    Great selection of blades! Will save time and gas from not having to go to the hardware store!

  2. Avatar

    Jerry Deese

    Great service and product

  3. Avatar


    Great set of blades, fit perfectly with my DeWalt DWE304 10 Amp Reciprocal Saw… Used them the first weekend I received them to trim my palm trees and it couldn’t have been easier. They cut straight, clean and fast. Removed about 50 palm sections in about 20 mins.

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    K Switzer

    there’s not much to dislike on these saw blades — they are functional and you get a lot of them — I think they last just as good as any other blades

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    Thomas R

    Great for the money nice little case to hold them way cheaper than Home Depot

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    Bear James

    These are really high Quality sharp reciprocating saw blades. I bought these for my Milwaukee brand battery powered saw.

    There is a nice selection of sizes and surface types. Comes with a excellent blade for pruning tree limbs. It has larger teeth space further apart.

    The metal and wood cutting blades really well too.

    I like that they included a black roll up storage bag to keep them in. It has Velcro to secure itself together and keep the blades in heir places.

    All the different length and size blade cut as good as any I have used and seem to last just as long.

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