13-Piece Spade Drill Bit Set in SAE, Paddle Flat Bits for Woodworking,Nylon Storage Pouch Included

ITEM#: W004521A


  • Constructed from carbon steel with heat treated for durability, head with polished surface for longevity
  • Cutting edge with double side cutting spurs of high quality for durable and quick drilling effortlessly
  • Quick-Change Hex Shank,with groove for reducing slipping and prevent falling off, safety
  • Chip removal for smoothly increased drilling speed
  • Universal for the most drill driver tool of brands in the markets, the hex shank is 1/4

6 reviews for 13-Piece Spade Drill Bit Set in SAE, Paddle Flat Bits for Woodworking,Nylon Storage Pouch Included

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    Dana Wilson

    The sleeve is a good product for both the tool and the person uses it. It holds the tool tight. 13 pieces sized from small to large so I have all the different size

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    Lincoln Conners

    These spade bits are exactly what I was looking for, they worked well in my cordless drill and cut clean, I’ve used it for several times already, still sharp and fast . Highly recommend this budget-friendly set

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    This is an excellent set of spade bits. Comes just as pictured with a nice roll up and velcro shut case. If in doubt it’s worth the cash they seem to work as well as other spade bits I have used if not better. The only thing that could make it better is if they would have placed a loop in the fabric to hang it on the tool wall. GreatStar tools has been excellent as a seller to me any questions they answer fairly quickly the shipping is quick response time is within 24 hours if I have a question about my order it would be hard to say they could be better. Thanks guys!

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    Wess Davis

    highest quality and their product line is enormous

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    Ben R

    This is not the most well known brand out there for tools?? Maybe it is, and I just don’t know because I don’t really use tools much?? Either way, the quality on these were really good, and I’ve used a handful of times already and works great!!! It feels sturdy and strong!!!

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    Christopher Runnels

    Great selection of bit sizes. The case rolls and Belk rows back together. Quality is about what you would expect. Work pro makes great stuff but this type of bit is not intended to last forever more kind of a throwaway bit that will need resharpening. The case will come in handy to keep track of all the bits.

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