3/8-inch Professional Torque Wrench Square Drive Ratchet

ITEM#: W073712A


  • ACCURACY:3/8 inch drive with torque range of 20-100 ft-lbs. or 25-135 Newton Meters.Each torque wrench within +/- 4%.
  • HIGH QUALITY:Torque wrench features all-steel construction has no plastic parts to break or wear out,laser engraving dual-range scale improves numeral clarity.
  • CLICK WRENCH: A click, which can also be felt by the operator through the grip, warns when the required torque is reached
  • REVERSIBLE RATCHET: Clockwise & Counter-clockwise suitable for restricted spaces,measures torque in clockwise direction.
  • UPGRADED FUNCTION:Smooth and precise, the spring-loaded adjustment collar automatically locks in place at the desired torque value, ensuring it won’t accidentally wander during use.

1 review for 3/8-inch Professional Torque Wrench Square Drive Ratchet

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    Lisa Howell

    Bought this for my son and he seems to like it. I don’t know a lot about tools, but I asked him and he said it worked perfectly. I liked the price! Thanks.

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