16-Piece Double-ended Socket SAE/Metric Set

ITEM#: W003048A


  • Double ended socket replaces one Metric socket and one SAE socket
  • Contents features chrome vanadium steel for high torque, strength and durability
  • 3/8″ Dr. ratchet handle features quick release function
  • Ratchet handle features 72 teeth gear system for high torque ratcheting
  • Set includes: 6 piece 1/4″ Dr. double-ended sockets 7 piece 3/8″ Dr. double-ended sockets 2 piece extension bars 1 piece 3/8″ Dr. quick release ratchet handle

6 reviews for 16-Piece Double-ended Socket SAE/Metric Set

  1. Avatar

    Freddie Oliver

    This may be the best little-known socket set ever. Well worth price and I would recommend this set to every do-it-your-self guy or gal. I like it enough to buy another set to put in my other car. 8mm to 24mm range of sizes. perfect for domestic and foreign cars.

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    Barry Blevins

    I was specifically looking for a set with 1/2 ratchet, 5” extension and 21mm and 22mm sockets so I can replace wheel lug nuts. And I did not want to pay more than $30 as I won’t be using these tools more than a few times year. This set fits my needs perfectly. It is very heavy and looks like a quality made set. I will see how it holds up with time but really happy so far.

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    William P

    I’m happy with this set. None of the pieces have stripped out or snapped yet despite moderate use. I’m especially happy with the ratcheting screwdriver which has storage in the handle for screws. The ratcheting screwdriver was the main feature I was looking for in a set like this and it was the only kit I could find that included one.

    I’d say the set is very durable at a great price and therefore a fantastic value. The only thing I don’t care for is that the case has to be carried horizontally; when it is carried by the handle all the pieces fall out of place.

    I would definitely purchase more Workpro products and recommend this set. No doubt it comes from the same factory in China as other brands, anyway!

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    Billy Zimmerman

    Without spending hundreds of dollars on a kit, it can be daunting searching for a kit with all of the pieces that you will need. I bought an SAE kit years ago with the adjustable wrench and that was the best purchase of any tool I ever had. However, when working deeper on my car, I came across sizes that I needed but were not in what I had.

    One size was 21mm, which Honda claimed was 14mm – but it turned out to be 22mm! Good thing this kit had the 22mm or it would have been worthless to me! I also forget the sizes, but the two smallest sizes with not in my other kit, and there were a few small bolts that needed them both! So because they fulfilled the need with insurance (a size above and a size below) – I give it five stars!

    At first, I could care less about the wrench as I felt that I did not need it. However, I ended up using it and sometimes it did the job faster and got into tight spaces (handle wise; the head was fatter than the one I had) and it came in handy with my not having to switch sizes and and could use them both at the same time. I looked at the wrench as a bonus – plus the extension, which is shorter than what I had, which could be of some use in the future.

    This is the kit to get if you need those RARE but useful sizes!

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    Kevin Rogers

    Strong thick grip and touch enough to be dropped over and over without messing up the mechanics inside. I’ve changed many brakes and starters with this bad boy and his big bother. Great buy!

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    Jack Borland

    Really enjoying this tool, this was my first socket set and completely exceeded my expectations. Considering the cost of a 1/2″ drive ratchet from other manufacturers, the sockets included are basically free! I haven’t had any issues with the ratchet yet, I’ve dropped it numerous times and haven’t had any issues of yet. My only complaint is that the handle a tad bit too short, the entire tool is 10 inches long but the effective lever length is about 7.5 inches.

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