30-Piece Heavy Duty Spring Clamps and Mini Bar Clamps Set

ITEM#: W001405A


  • Soft durable pads to protect fine finishes
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Reinforced nylon construction for strength
  • 4″ quick release F-clamp perfect designed for DIY and hobby enthusiast
  • Size included: 10-piece 3-3/8″ spring clamps, 10-piece 4-1/2″ spring clamps, 4-piece 6-1/2″ spring clamps, 4-piece 8-1/4″ spring clamps, 2-piece 4″ Bar clamp

2 reviews for 30-Piece Heavy Duty Spring Clamps and Mini Bar Clamps Set

  1. Avatar

    Hoyt Hughes

    All nice and strong from the smallest to the largest, these will make very nice general purpose clamps though I will be using 4 of the smallest ones in a 24/7/365 outdoors application that is subject to temperatures ranging from 10F to 110F and high winds to boot. Experience has shown me that they become brittle after around a year of constant exposure to sunlight and may break if disturbed BUT… they are replacing stainless screws in old soft wood (which had failed in high winds) and at this price I can live with that. Don’t leave them in bright sunlight and they will last for years.

  2. Avatar

    Jonathan Riggens

    So far so good. Great gator clamps, sizes are great, they feel good from an ergonomic standpoint… very happy.

    I work in commercial video production and you’re always using gator clamps and duckbill clamps on all kinds of stuff for rapid builds. These are as good as anything we’ve gotten before in this category (plastic vs. metal). Super happy.

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