10-piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set

ITEM#: W000860A


  • ACETATE HANDLE – The hard grip handles are made of Acetate material, which can be naturally biodegraded for environment protection. Look clearer than PC handle, the acetate handles are also designed for maximum impact and crack resistance when twisting.
  • CHROME VANADIUM SHAFTS – Shafts are made of chrome vanadium steel for enhanced strength to tackle tough projects. The chrome plating finish reinforces its enduring capacity.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC TIPS – The screwdrivers have powerful magnetic tips with (due to) black oxide coating, which makes it easier to suck the screw. This blackening treatment is also used for rust resistance, anti-corrosion
  • COLOR-CODED & COMFORT DESIGN – Fore-handles are color-coded for easy identification. Black handles indicate slotted, blackish green handles indicate Phillips screwdrivers and gray handles indicate torx star.
  • VERSATILE SELECTION – Profession quality slotted, phillips and torx screwdrivers in popular sizes to accommodate multiple jobs, especially for professional tradesmen. Includes 4 Slotted: 1/8*3″, 3/16×4″, 1/4×6″, 1/4×1-1/2″. Includes 4 Philips: PH0x3″, Ph1x4″, Ph2x6″, Ph2x1-1/2″. Includes 2 Torx star: T15x4″, T20x4″.


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