17-Piece Screwdriver Set

ITEM#: W000850A


  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made of high-quality S2 hardened steel, blades and shafts are coated with satin-nickel finish to resist corrosion. Acetate hard grip handles are specifically designed for comfort and increased strength in both low temperature and unstable environments.
  • UNIQUE TIPS AND GRIPS DESIGN – The horizontal thread design of the Slotted blade tips ensure contact is maintained with the screw and Phillips blade tips are designed for a tight fit and tolerance. Ball-ended handles are designed for palm comfort when putting in maximum effort. Hexagon convex handle shape design improves grip and reduces slip. Slip-Resistant texture on the front of the handle supports thumb for added control.
  • COLOR-CODED & CONVENIENT DETAILS DESIGN – Handles are color-coded for easy identification. Red handles indicate slotted and clear handles indicate Phillips screwdrivers. Each handle is engraved with the corresponding dimension. ⅛” slotted screwdriver includes pocket clip on the handle. Also comes with a mini keychain slotted screwdriver to take anywhere.
  • VERSATILE SELECTION – Profession quality slotted and Phillips screwdrivers in popular sizes to accommodate multiple jobs, especially for professional tradesmen. Includes 9 Slotted: 3/32″ X 1 1/2″, 1/8″ X 2″, 1/8″ X 4″, 3/16″ X 1 1/2″, 3/16″ X 4″, 3/16″ X 6″, 3/16″ X 9″, 1/4″ X 4″, 1/4″ X 6”. Includes 7 Philips: #0 x 1 1/2″, #0 X 2 1/2″, #1 X 1 1/2″, #1 X 3″, #2 X 4″, #2 X 6″, #2 X 8″.
  • LAY-FLAT STORAGE POUCH – Professional organization pouch with elastic and velcro to safely secure your screwdrivers in dedicated position. Made of durable lay-flat double polyester and lined with pearl cotton, screwdrivers are protected from damage and keeps them safe and dry. The ultra-soft comfortable handle for easy carry.

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    This screwdriver set is solid and sound. All crossheads and flatheads are sharp and tight. The grips are easy to handle when using. A wide range of size to choose makes it more valuable than ever. What surprised me most is the mini screwdriver keychain, which helps me sometimes when I want to use a screwdriver at hand. This set is good for anyone who wants to tight or loose some screws.

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    Inessa Saver

    I bought this set to have around the house verses always having to go to the garage to grab my husbands tools when I need to accomplish something and it couldn’t be more perfect! Lots of sizes and lengths. Comes with it’s own case! Being brand new I’m not worried about my daughter touching them and getting all dirty! Case makes it convenient to store in the closet on a shelf verses individually in a drawer! Now when my daughters toys been a battery change I know exactly where to find the perfect screwdriver and it’s not in the garage!

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    Carl Gambrell

    I bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas, my son in law said the set looked and felt as good as the high end Craftsman set he has which would have been 3 times the cost. Great set and well worth the money. My son in law now wants to buy these as an extra set to take with him.

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    Nevel Cook

    This 17-Piece Screwdriver Set can help you do that. It seems I am constantly looking for misplaced or kids placed screwdrivers. Luckily only twice have they not been found. This set is made from hardened steel with acetate grips in two colors; , blades and shafts are coated with satin-nickel finish to resist corrosion. Acetate hard grip handles are color coded red for Phillips screwdrivers and blue for slotted. They also have the corresponding sizes imprinted on the handles. I won’t list the sizes but you can read them on the product description.

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    Eddie Dwiggins

    Overall a good set of screw drivers. You get everything you need to start up or add to an existing toolbox. This is a simple and complete set that I know I will last for a while since my Dad has had the same drivers in his toolbox for as long as I can remember. I give it 5 starts based on what you get for the price.

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