10-in-1 Ratcheting Multi-bit Screwdriver Set

ITEM#: W000814A


  • Auto-locking, quick-load, one handed bit loading locks virtually any 1/4 inch hex shank accessory.
  • Ratchet design breaks through the limitations of the direction,convenient switch for forward and reverse ratcheting and locking position.
  • Durable bi-material handle with soft grip.Ergonomic handle with slip-resistance grip for comfortable holding and higher torque output.
  • 10-in-1 ratchet screwdriver secure virtually any 1/4 inch hex shank accessory tightly ,which meet your needs of multi-purpose
  • 5-piece 4.5-inch double-ended screwdriver bits included: Slotted:SL4-5&SL6-8、Phillpis: PH1&PH3、Phillips&Square:PH2&SQ2、Square:SQ1& SQ3、Torx:T10&T15


  • Auto-locking, one handed bit loading locks virtually any 1/4″ hex shank accessory
  • Includes screwdriver blade holders.
  • Rubberized, ergonomic grip gives higher torque output
  • Contents include 5pc CR-V 4-1/2″ double ended screwdriver shafts-SL4-5&SL6-8; PH1&PH3; PH2&SQ2; SQ1& SQ3; T10&T15

6 reviews for 10-in-1 Ratcheting Multi-bit Screwdriver Set

  1. Avatar

    Richard Heller

    Bought this for my nephew and he loves it. I have found a brand that I love at decent prices. Thanks

  2. Avatar

    Jason Richards

    You get the handle and three double ended bits. I like this because it lowers bulk and weight of my tool bag. It has a very tiny bit of play only in one axis. Other brands cost a lot more.

  3. Avatar

    Lee Greenway

    Bought this as a present for a friend. It works like a charm. It ratchets and has exchangeable bits.

  4. Avatar

    Jim Danvers

    Took a chance to try out this screwdriver with a sort of quick lock. Never heard of Work Pro before. Really loving this screwdriver. In it’s longest length with the included bits, 12 1/4″ including handle, 7 7/8″ just shank, in it’s shortest, 9 7/8″ with handle, 4 7/8″ just shank.

    It is light weight and you just push lock away from the handle to slide a bit in, pull lock towards handle to slide bit out.

    I’ve tried all my different length bits, double ended ones, single end, the ones with the smaller diameter near the end, nut driver types. All work great on this driver.

  5. Avatar

    Wendy Wisler

    Arrive very quickly. It’s just what I was looking for. Very sturdy and great grip. The extra tips come in very handy. I love it.

  6. Avatar

    John Watson

    Great product that I highly recommend. Love the grip!

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