18 Pc Long Arm Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

ITEM#: W022011A


  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN – Long arm drivers for extended reach and enhanced leverage and torque to easily install or remove socket cap screws. Color-coded wrenches (Metric set in red, SAE set in blue) to aide in quick identification. Wrenches meet or exceed ANSI tool specifications.
  • The hardened and tempered Chrome-vanadium steel is a big plus which reduces wear and prevents drivers from bending and breaking under increasing torque. Precisely sized, chamfered ends insert smoothly into fastener head which also also reduces wear.
  • LAY FLAT STORAGE CASE – Hinged to open flat, the durable plastic storage case makes it easy to find, remove, and replace drivers. Sizes are marked on both the case and drivers for fast selection and organization. A slot is included on the back of the case body to hang set on your garage wall.
  • METRIC AND SAE SIZES – 18 Easy to identify color-coded drivers. 9 PC Metric sizes include: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 mm. 9 PC SAE sizes include: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inch.
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY TOOLBOX – Common size metric and SAE Hex Key/Allen Wrench driver set ideal for furniture assembly, automotive, heavy equipment, electronic, appliance, and bicycle repair. Suitable for any socket cap screw application. A great set for any homeowner to keep on hand.


  • Chrome-vanadium steel, hardened and tempered
  • 9PCMetric:1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
  • 9PC SAE: 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″ ,5/32″, 3/16″,1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″

6 reviews for 18 Pc Long Arm Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

  1. Avatar

    LaDonna Steele

    Coated with paint. I will not get mine mixed up with other mechanics at work. Well made too will be ordering from this company again.

  2. Avatar

    Peter T

    I bought these Allen keys so that I could fix some furniture around the house. Some of my chairs are loose so I needed the Allen keys to tighten them. The case that it comes with fits the keys nicely and they tools look like they are well made.

  3. Avatar

    Travis Cone

    These hex wrenches are strong durable and precise. I love the grip they have. The case was a nice surprise it auto locks shut and has a stratifying click.

  4. Avatar

    Dennis Gentry

    [6 month update: Set is still organized and is my go-to set because I can tell which wrench I’m getting at a glance. No breakage of either wrenches or plastic box that I had concerns about.]

    [Note: This review is for the 18 key “short arm” set, not the quite different (no colors, flimsy, apparently) 30 piece set.]
    I just got these, so haven’t had a chance to break them or not yet, but the 3/32″ did the job I needed it to on a lockset. They seem like a lower-end household wrench set, not a pro mechanic set, but a good value at ~$15, and I like the color coding, legible labels, and carrying case. I doubt the steel quality is comparable to hex keys from higher-end brands, but I’ll update the review if they turn out to be unreasonably soft (or if one saves my life in the Sahara by being able to remove the stuck bolt that rounded off the Snap-On™ hex key).

    I have other sets of hex keys, from Park Tool “bicycle” hex keys with a “P” head (pricey, but nice!), to the Gorilla Swiss Army Knife style flip out sets, to the Bondhus sets with a flexy red plastic holder. (I don’t have the fully color coded PB Swiss ones that I would like (https://www.amazon.com/PB-Swiss-2212LH-10-Ballend-rainbow/dp/B008PE1GN8) because they are like $80.) But everything I own is metric sizes, and for this dumb lockset, 2 mm is too small, and 2.5 mm is too big, so I really needed the 3/32″. SAE, you suck.

    Compared to all those, I like the plastic carrying box, although the latch is a little difficult to slide one-handed, and I predict that the plastic catch will break off eventually, or the plastic hinge will fatigue and the box won’t work as a box anymore. After using the 3/32″ wrench, I started to snap it back into its place in the case, but it was so difficult that I thought I might break the plastic clip. It did slide in from the top just fine. I’ll update the review if any of this breakage happens.

    I particularly like the fact that metric are red and SAE are blue, so not only can I quickly tell the difference, I can actually read the size on the wrench, unlike all the anonymous black hex keys floating around my toolbox that should probably be in their Bondhus holder or maybe it’s a super crappy spare from Ikea or who knows. (In theory, some of the loose ones have a size engraved on them in tiny numbers, but maybe it’s hidden under grime or maybe it’s not even there. Who knows?) The paint/finish quality on these WORKPRO keys isn’t perfect (some little scraps of paint/chrome that would have been easy for them to buff off), but the paint looks thick and durable, and I can read them now.

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    Mario Gonzalez

    Great allen wrench set. They are really heavy, strong and durable and the coating is legit. The case is nice but just plastic. It’s easy enough to get the allen wrenches out but getting them back in their spots is just a touch more tedious. It’s really not a big deal thought. Really great buy.

  6. Avatar

    Brian Carm

    Great to be able to separate American from metric

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