15" Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

ITEM#: W023019A


  • LONG-LASTING AND DURABLE RIVET GUN – Our rivet nut tool is made from thick carbon steel with heat treated, black phosphating finish which protect against corrosion and give our tool added durability and strength.It comes with Chrome-molybdenum steel mandrels and zinc-coated nuts
  • 79-PIECE RIVET GUN KIT – Your new brand rivet nut tool set includes up to 7 different essential mandrels&nosepiece that can be used – M5,M6,M8,M10,10-24,1/4-20, 5/16-18. It also comes with: 1pc 15″ rivet gun, 70pcs steel rivet nuts:M5,M6,M8,M10,10-24,1/4-20, 5/16-18(each 10pcs), 1pc multi-function spanner
  • QUICK CHANGE MECHANISM FOR EASIER WORK- Our rivet nut tool is designed with quick-change mechanism, which allows for you easier and efficient change of mandrels and nosepiece by hand. Just press down to depress the inner 12 point sleeve that sits with the outer sleeve and unthread the mandrel to remove it. Finally choose the correct mandrel to be installed. And it ensures safety
  • HELPS GENERATE MORE TORQUE – The rivet nut gun is built with an ergonomic, arc-shaped and anti-slip handle. These handles allow you to generate more torque with less effort which will save you energy and not damage your hands in the process

4 reviews for 15″ Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

  1. Avatar

    Ron Anderson

    So far very pleased with this double open end set. I was initially looking for a thin wrench set when I noticed several reviewers remarking that these were thin. Indeed, they are. Perhaps not as thin as the sheet metal versions, but these are forged, seem to be very good quality (for China), and the sizing is accurate (not loose on the nut). I’ve already found several uses for them in my shop and they have been up to the task.

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    Ralph Saldivar

    I had to install a set of Steel Armadillo Rock Rails on my Jeep Grand Cherokee.. this tool was perfect for the job. Now it’s making all of my equipment installs easier, and Fun.
    Highly Recommended! If you’re weak, or shaky, have a friend do the crimping, although these at 15″ have more leverage than most competitors do, when crimping the larger rivets, you’ll want to keep a steady hand on the tool. I’ve heard of guys saying they’ve broken other brands, I think it’s because they weren’t steady enough, or strong enough and the tool slipped. Lol

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    Rob S

    Been looking for a way to securely mount my trolling motor to the bow of my aluminum boat, used several different trolling motor rubber anchors and toggles/bolts, they always worked loose. Wish I’d of discovered rivet nuts years ago! They worked great !

  4. Avatar

    Rodney Jones

    Bought it for repairing classic car and truck doors where the mirror screws had stripped out. Perfect for repairing without having to take the door apart. handy and easy to use.

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