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36-Piece Woodworking Jig Saw Blade Set
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    • WOODWORKING APPLICATIONS: The WORKPRO 36-Piece T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set offers an assortment of blades to woodworking applications
    • CRV STEEL: Made with CRV(Chrome Vanadium) steel for maximum life in wood material for clean and speed cuts. High-Quality manufacturing to provide superior wear tolerance and life
    • T-SHANK DESIGN: T-shank design fits all Bosch, DEWALT and other major brands jig saws
    • INCLUDING: The blade set includes twelve each of T101D, T101BR and T144D jig saw blades. The T144D(4”, 6TPI) speed for wood, straight and very fast cuts. The T101D(4”, 6TPI) for clean and precise straight cutting. The T101BR(4”, 10 TPI) clean for wood (reverse tooth to minimize top splintering)
    • STORAGE: The set comes with a durable case to keep blades neatly together

36-Piece Woodworking Jig Saw Blade Set

(5 customer reviews)
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5 reviews for 36-Piece Woodworking Jig Saw Blade Set

  1. Sharon Getsmer

    I have a B&D jig/saber saw with the T shank. They fit perfectly and perform very well. Good fast, clean cuts in wood and plastic. I am very pleased with them.

  2. Abner Hanks

    I have used two blades, one in my jigsaw and one in bladrunner, for a few cuts. These blades worked great. The cuts were clean and faster then the recent craftsman and black and decker brands.

  3. Thomas McNally

    Nice set. Comes shipped in a reusable plastic storage tube to keep blades organized. Blade quality appears to be good.

  4. Greg Gonzalez

    Purchased a set of these since I was due for some new blades and these did not disappoint. Clean cuts, super easy to switch blades, and several assortment of blades for your use. I highly recommend.

  5. derek Moreland

    Have used one of the blades on a chair project. Works as expected and does not appear to show excessive wear. Pretty confident saying this is the best value for your money – IF you’re a weekend hobby guy.

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