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2-Piece Pruning Shears Set
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    • Professional Garden Tools: This Pruning shears set includes a 8″ bypass hand pruner and a 8” gardening pruner tools. The shears heads are both made of #55 carbon steel, sharp enough for most pruning projects.
    • Take Care of Your Plants: Made of high quality steel blade, the shears are sharp and durable. The precision-sharpened blades help you with pruning and trimming at home or in the garden without hurting the plants.
    • Make Pruning Work Easier: The anti-slip and ergonomic handle make the clippers more comfortable in your hand, and the high-quality spring help you push the blades automatically, reduces hand fatigue while each cut.
    • Powerful but Safe Tools: There are easy-open locking mechanism between two handles to keep the blades closed when not in use. Prevent accidental injury.
    • Two Shears Fit All Work: The shears set is ready to tackle all of your trimming and shaping needs for your flowers, pottings, vegetables and small gardens. Get your garden and indoor plants ready for a better appearance.

2-Piece Pruning Shears Set

(4 customer reviews)
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4 reviews for 2-Piece Pruning Shears Set

  1. Ana Bloome

    I bought these pruning shears for my sister who loves to beautify her yard. Her pruning shears went missing and I bought these as a gift for her. They have a nice feel and they are a perfect purchase for the price.

  2. Gary

    These snips are extremely heavy duty! I bought them to do some praying on our plants at home and was amazed at how large and saw there compared to another pair I had that broke. They’re super sharp to the point that you can hear the blades slice together when closing them, you can check on my video to hear this. Work extremely well and can snap branches up to 1/2 inch that I’ve tried so far. Very pleased with this product

  3. Stuart Boone

    With my old pair of pruners pretty well useless, given the spring is broken, I was hoping to find a couple of worthy replacements. And these shears seem to fit the bill. They seem to be standard size, and I like the way the springs are easy to get to. Really sharp blades btw so be careful!

  4. Indy Johnson

    I misplaced mine and needed some to do some fall trimming, these should work just fine. I’m glad they have the safety latch, because that part was broken on the one I can’t find anyway :)

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